Serving Soldiers for a second time

By Laura Ann Sills - bioemail

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - It was a desperate time, South Vietnam in the 1970's. The final hours of the bloody Vietnam War were marked with chaos.

Dieu Nguyen remembers that time with conflicting emotions. Her story told is through her daughter, Cindy.

She explained, "very scary and dangerous."

Cindy Nguyen said her mom also talked about that time as exciting. She owned a restaurant and sports bar in Vietnam, serving American Soldiers. She actually fell in love with one and married him. When I asked about pictures of her home country, she said she had to burn them in fear of retaliation from the communist forces.

Now, her family continues to serve soldiers with their Vietnamese restaurants in Columbus. Cindy Nguyen says her mom pours love in to her cooking and is excited to be back in the kitchen taking a journey in to the past.

Nguyen said, "especially to bring my mom back memories of their happiness, their sadness, things that happened to her before."

The family business is expanding, just having opened Pho Vy 2 in the Landings. Nguyen said their American Dream will continue with the restaurant's name sake, Cindy's daughter, Victoria. "She loves cooking, she loves cooking at home. even like she want to cook when I prepare things at work."

The family will hold an official ribbon cutting with Columbus' Mayor for their new restaurant's location on Tuesday, July 26th at 11:00. Pho Vy 2 in the Landings has already been open for a few weeks.

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