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Beat your power bill: tips to help save you money

COLUMBUS, GA - Your power bill may be burning your wallet with double or even triple the costs of last month.  Georgia Power says one of the main reasons is the extreme summer heat especially in June.

Air conditioning: it saves you from the brutal heat outside but can put a huge dent in your wallet.

"I was surprised.  Well, I guess I really wasn't surprised with it being Georgia to open up this month's Power bill and it was three hundred forty seven dollars."

Sherry Anderson said that is triple what her power bill was last month.  With this summer heat, she does not see things getting better anytime soon.

Georgia Power said because June had a majority of days above 90 degrees people cranked up their air conditioning.  This on top of an almost 15% rate increase that started in January and higher summer rates, some people are seeing costs double from last month. So, what can you do to lower your bill next month?

As much as you may hate to do it, you need to raise your thermostat.  Miles Brooks with Georgia Power said every degree below 78 increases your bill by 5%.

"Your unit will create about a 15 to 20 degree difference between outside temperatures and inside temperatures and with the weather we've been having and keeping it at 78. There's no way to minimize that.  We're recommending an upwards of 80 to 82," said Brooks.

Brooks suggests using ceiling fans, keeping shades and blinds closed, cooking at the coolest time of the day, and servicing or upgrading your units.  He or someone from his efficiency team can even come to your home to talk about energy efficiency for free. 

Brooks also suggests comparing the costs of setting the air on a higher temperature or turning off your system when you leave your house to which saves more money.  To help with paying, Brooks said there are options for different bill pay like spreading out your costs evenly throughout the entire year.

That way Anderson will not have to do this next month.

"Things I normally splurge on like shopping, hair and nail salon, I guess I'll be putting into my electric bill."

For more information on billing assistance or energy efficiency questions visit or call 1-888-660-5890

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