Safety First

Re-Bath would like to welcome you to a growing trend in bath remodeling – The Walk-In Bathtub! For the mature of age, or for challenges in mobility, Re-Bath offers you the perfect solution to taking a soothing bath. The Walk-In Bathtub offers an easy ingress and comfortable seating. Easy-to-reach faucets and convenient grab bars add to the pleasure of your new bath experience. And with a water depth of almost two and a half feet, a relaxing and comfortable bath is waiting on you, at Re-Bath.

You can choose from our line of soaker safety baths or add the "water massage" water jets to your new bath. You can even choose air jets or a combination of air jets and water jets. It's your bath, so you make the choices!

In addition to walk-in tubs, Rebath can take your old bathtub out and install a barrier free shower base with wheelchair accessible ramp.  This provides a safe and convenient way to shower independently. Either choice will give you the ability to stay in the comfort of your own home longer.