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Drought makes some fruit sweeter

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COLUMBUS, GA (WXTX) - With temperatures well above average and little to no rain in late April to June, Georgia produce has taken a hit, but surprisingly some food has become sweeter because of the drought like watermelon, tomatoes and Georgia peaches.

Mike Blackwell with Fat Boy's Farmers' Market says, "There's been a little sweeter flavor to the peaches, a lot of the watermelons have taken a sweeter flavor, they're not quite filled with as much water."

Although the drought has caused most fruits and vegetables to be smaller this year.. customers can't stop raving about the Peaches this season!

"Peaches are taking a really good flavor this year, they're just beginning to get rain they're not quiet as large as peaches last year but they got a wonderful flavor."

While peaches and watermelon flourish, peas are taking a huge hit. Blackwell says there's a high demand for peas in the area but because of the heat no one could sustain their crops.

"Peas I grew last year I sold $17.95 a bushel, this year I'm buying for $20 a bushel because no one around here was growing them."

Blackwell says the drought hasn't affected sales in things like tomatoes, melons and peaches but sales in peas have taken a bit of a hit.

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