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Armor school prepares officers with less noise

By Curtis McCloud -   bio | email

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) -The sound of tanks firing 120 millimeter rounds at the newly opened Brooks Range on Fort Benning is something most military officers at the armor school are familiar with.

Recently, people who live near Fort Benning have complained about the loud explosions. In an effort to cut down on the noise, the armor school uses machines like this to do most of their training.

"The simulations have gotten to where you really can't tell the difference in whether they  are shooting actual rounds or if they are shooting in the simulator," said Master Sergeant John Franz.

The simulators, which are inside the armor school, have a tank-like feel to them allowing officers to learn navigation, shooting techniques, and handling real-life scenarios.

Lieutenant Colonel Sean Barnes says the simulator training is cost-effective and environmentally friendly, but he says field training on the range is very beneficial and necessary hands-on training for new officers.

"We bring those guys out here to get familiar with the weapons system because in the simulations it's electrical the system fires different than a live tank," said Colonel Sean Barnes.

Commander Matthew Quiggle tells us that the officers will gain that confidence if they work hard and the Army continues to work with and respect the people in the surrounding communities.

"What we are trying to do is work with the community to try and balance our responsibility which is making sure these lieutenants go out fully trained and confident in their system," Captain Quiggle said.

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