Fighting burglars with social media

By Laura Ann Sills - bioemail

COLUMBUS, GA (WXTX) - A string of break-ins have neighbors banding together and fighting back!  The burglaries are happening in Phenix City near Summerville Road.

The McWhorter's are trying to get their home ready for their first child, who is expected to be here in November.

But, the couple's house has been burglarized twice in the last month. You can still see the shoe print where the burglar kicked their door in.

Kari McWhorter said, "the stress it puts on me while I am pregnant is also scary, cause how is it effecting him already?"

After the first break in, the couple admits they did not sleep. Soon after the first break in, they had an alarm system put in.  But husband, Stewart, said, "It was not a deterrent. And, the ADT sign out front, they obviously did not care."

Another person not getting a lot of sleep during this time lives just down the road from the McWhorter's.

"It is 6 o'clock in the morning, you are sitting by your window and any little sound you hear, you are thinking is that somebody showing up to my door again," explained Sam Beman.

Beman caught up on sleep and decided his neighbors needed to know what happened.

So, he started The Neighborhood Watchers Facebook group. Over time the page has grown. Now, he updates the Phenix City community of break-ins in the area and shares tips with his neighbors.

"If something is happening a few doors down, lots of people say, 'I do not want to get in to that. It is none of my business.' But actually, it directly effects each and every person on that street."

Beman says he will continue to get to know his neighbors.

For the McWhorter's, they will continue cleaning up from the second break-in and get ready for their babies arrival.

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