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Columbus doctor serving soldiers with chiropractic care

By Roslyn Giles -  bio | email 

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - The gear a soldier carries can weigh up to 90 pounds depending on the mission. The weight has helped fueled an avalanche of musculoskeletal injuries that are eroding the combat-readiness of the military, according to a Seattle Times Newspaper.

Soldiers at Fort Benning are getting some relief from the pain and stress their bodies endure on a daily basis.   "Through what we do every day, puts a toll on our lower back," added 1st Lieutenant Keith Nevins.

Nevins recently visited Dr. Jay Brodwyn's new military chiropractic office for tightness to his lower back. After the adjustments, "It seems like my muscles have relaxed in my lower back and the pain has been minimized a lot," according to Nevins.

Brodwyn is providing manual therapy including manipulation of the spine, other joints and soft tissues.

Infantry Officer 2nd Lieutenant Maurice Syrus heard about the care and jumped at the opportunity.  "Back problems are one of our main issues we face. It can interfere with our performance depending on how bad things get.  If you're physically strong you can handle most of it, but you're still going to need adjustments from time to time.

Dr. Jay, known for treating the Cottonmouths and a 29 year veteran in alternative care, came up with the idea to provide the soldiers with chiropractic care with an easy and quick approach that gets them in and out in just 10 minutes.

"Most of the soldiers here have Tricare and we know that Tricare doesn't provide chiropractic care for anyone other than the active duty soldiers and the need is so tremendous.  These guys have a lot of mileage, lot of wear and tear on them from jumps to road marches to serving in Iraq and Afghanistan."

Soldiers and their families can get the care they need. The cost is minimal.

"The price is awesome. It's cheap! It's a necessity and it's needed especially for this career," explained Syrus.

It costs $19.00 for adjustments only.  The office does not provide x-rays and no appointments are necessary.

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