Muscogee County schools updates dress code policy

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) –   There has been some slight changes made to the dress code policy handbook for Muscogee County students.

Although the district's dress code remains pretty much the same, the verbiage has changed a bit.

School administrators want to be clear in what students can and cannot wear to school.

According to district spokesperson Valerie Fuller the recent change in wording can help prevent possible suspensions or even worse.

"Specifically they put in there that there is no sagging allowed, the pants need to be worn above the waist and with a belt, that's appropriate. They also changed the verbiage from hat to say like headgear."

Another wording change fuller says parents and students should be aware of pertains to jewelry. She says anything spiked or jewelry that can cause a distraction in the classroom will not be allowed.

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