Auburn Police Department offering free safety inspections

Auburn, AL (WTVM) – Auburn police say they are in the business of catching the bad guys and helping the good guys. And they are asking residents to take advantage of free safety services.

If you go on vacation this summer, how about getting an Auburn police officer to house sit for you. A free program allows you to notify the police department when you are out of town.

So during the day and during the night, officers will drive by your house, get out walk around it and do a safety inspection to make sure your doors and windows are secure. If they see a problem they will give you a call.

Another service being offered up are free home safety inspections. An officer will walk you through your home with a check list and offer suggestions on how you can make your home even safer.

"I am very excited to have them here since I had kids. I am paranoid and anything that helps me sleep a better at night is appreciated," says Beth Huddleston.

Homeowners are encouraged to tag along to ask questions and get feedback. After a thorough inspection both in and outside of your home the officer will sit down with you and give you their evaluation.

For more information on the free safety services offered contact Auburn Police Department at (334) 501-3100

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