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Does a chupacabra exist? Teens says he killed one

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LA SALLE, TX (CNN) - A Texas teen claims he shot and killed a real live chupacabra.  The animals are believed to suck the blood of livestock, but many biologists suspect the hairless animals are in fact sick coyotes or another wild animal.

" It just walked across and started shaking, slowly moving across. No hair at all on it, the back legs were shriveled up.  I honestly think it was a chupacabra," said Carter Pope.

Carter says he ran to his parent's room to wake his dad to come see what he had discovered.

" I thought I'm dreaming or this kid is crazy, But probably a little bit of both," said Will Pope, Carter's father.

But Will Pope says when he came outside with his son,  he was amazed at the same creature. He says he fired three shots before the possible chupacabra stopped moving.

Now, the animal lays here visible from their home.  

Stories of alleged chupacabra sitings have been around for years. And pictures have surfaced on the internet.

Some believe a chupacabra is an animal that sucks the blood of livestock – a  strange-looking thing with barely any hair. For many, it is a thing of legends. Some wildlife biologists believe it is a sick coyote or other wild animal.

I can believe it either way; it looks like nothing I have personally seen before.  

Carter took hair and skin samples to get tested to put an end to the mystery once and for all.

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