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Slive, SEC, to Call For Changes in NCAA Policy

HOOVER, Ala. (AP) - SEC Commissioner Mike Slive says recent headlines show that college athletics "has lost the benefit of the doubt."

He says the negative perception of college athletics resulting from infractions cases from Ohio State to LSU and Auburn "casts a shadow over the extraordinary student-athletes across the country" and merits change.

Kicking off SEC media days Wednesday, Slive used his speech to outline an agenda that includes a bid to strengthen academic requirements for incoming freshmen and junior college transfers and restore partial qualifiers.

Under the plan, the required GPA for those players would rise from 2.0 to 2.5 in 16 core classes. Slive also called for scholarships to be multi-year commitments, instead of the current one-year-at-a-time deals.

The SEC proposal also calls for athletic scholarships to cover the full cost of attendance at a university, which would mean approximately $3,000 in additional aid. Slive said coaches should also be allowed to use the full range of social media -- texting, twitter, and the like -- in recruiting athletes.

The SEC will present its proposals to the NCAA at a later date.

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