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AYP: Muscogee County schools report an "F" district-wide

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - The Muscogee County School District has released some daunting results regarding the system's Adequately Yearly Progress status.

37 schools out of 55 in the district did not meet AYP leaving some parents in the area very concerned about their child's education.

[Web Extra! Muscogee Co. Schools AYP results for 2010 -2011 school year

There are 12 middle schools in Muscogee County. In preliminary numbers, only 1 of those met AYP this past school year.  Superintendent Susan Andrews says for 2010, 11 middle schools made the cut.

The latest numbers are leaving parents, like La'Keisha Daniels, nervous for their child's education. Her daughter will head to 6th grade in a couple of weeks.

"Education is always top priority and I will be working on my end to help her with the things that she is lacking in," said Daniels.

21 elementary and 5 high schools also did not meet what Andrews says are the requirements for AYP: participation and performance for reading and math, and attendance or graduation rate.

The main problem? Andrews said test scores. She points to poverty, new standards for teachers and millions in budget cuts as the causes.

"You can't continue to make the progress you'd like when your resources are being slashed at the level and when the curriculum continues to charge and the bar continues to raise," said Andrews

She explains, since the beginning of No Child Left Behind, the expectations keep getting higher and higher for students to meet AYP. After this year's scores, she knows a lot must be done to close the gap.

"Revising school improvement plans, working on strengthening those subjects and those teachers are not performing."

Andrews said that some schools did not make the bar by fewer than 10 students, and there are 7 schools that are appealing their AYP status. 

Andrews stresses these numbers are preliminary and do not include CRCT re-tests or summer graduation scores or rates.  She hopes by Septembers when the final results are announced, the numbers will be better.

There was a rise in graduation rate from 82.2% last year to 83.6% in 2011.

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