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Military and gay community responds to Don't Ask Don't Tell

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COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - The pastor at New Life in Messiah Fellowship church, Colley Williams, a gay man himself sides with President Obama. He is glad to see the 18 year U-S military policy "Don't Ask Don't tell" come to an end.

"The gays are already in the military, the lesbians are already there, they just couldn't come out, but now they will be able to and they won't be put out because of that," Williams said.

Pastor Williams says that ending don't ask don't tell will put everyone on the same playing field.

Retired Colonel John House who served over 20 years in the U.S. Army has reservations about what the future will hold for the military.

"It will boil down to how the current generation of soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines view the privacy that they want to maintain, that they have to have to function," Ret. Col. John House.

One concern House mentioned was group showering and how this could make some people feel uncomfortable.

"We separate people by gender, so that they have the privacy that we socially associate with gender," Ret. Col. John House.

"It shouldn't be about if you are gay, straight, black or white it should just be about if you can serve in the military and do a good job," Williams said.

Colonel House says other things will eventually come into play like the military issuing benefits for homosexual partners.

Whether that will actually happen will be determined when "don't ask don't tell" ends in September.

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