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Consumer Reports rates the latest generation of e-book readers


If you're looking to buy an e-book reader, you have a lot of choices.

Sales of e-book readers have almost doubled in the last year, and the companies that make them have stepped up their game by releasing new and improved options.

So, with all the new choices, how do you know which one is best for you?

Consumer Reports tested more than a dozen e-book readers, including the best-selling Kindle and the new e-reader from Borders, called the Kobo.

First, they checked to see how easy the screen was to read. 

"We're looking to see how clear and crisp the type is in different conditions," said Consumer Reports' Rich Fisco.

The testers used lights to simulate outdoor sun.  They found that the readers with backlit screens have problems with glare.  Those that didn't have a backlight were much more readable in bright light.

Another test sized up how quickly the pages turn. 

Consumer Reports settled on three e-book readers that are worth considering: The Nook Simple Touch Reader, the Kindle Wi-Fi, and the Kobo eReader Touch Edition. They all cost around $140.

If color is a priority, $250 Nook Color is your best choice.  It offers rich color - great for people who like to read magazines on the e-reader.

Bu, if you don't mind reading in black and white, you can save $25 on Amazon's Kindle Wi-Fi with Special Offers.  The $115 e-reader displays ads, but you'll also get some special offers, such as discounts.

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