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Columbus whitewater course draws near

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COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) -  In about 40 days, once the permit of surrendering the dams is passed, the White Water Course in Columbus will begin to take shape. Piece by Piece the dams will be taken down, and white water formed.

"They will be taken down in phases and that will take a little bit of time but we want to maintain the dam so we can do work behind the dams and stay dry so we'll have to take them down in phases." Said Richard Bishop with Uptown Columbus

The dam will take about 4-6 weeks and then come the rapids, "some manmade structures in river, of course taking out the dams and access to the river there's a lot of things."

Hydraulics will be adjusted in different parts of the river, but this won't just be for the avid white water athletes, there will be group rafting with guides, like the Ocoee River in Tennessee, perfect for family or date nights. Columbus Resident David Montana is thrilled it's coming, "It's hot we need something like that in Columbus, Columbus is a nice city but we don't have anything for the younger people to enjoy."

"We'll be very familiar to the Ocoee and the Nantahala, very family oriented river as far as rapids and everything absolutely very family friendly."

Columbus' youth says it's just what the city needs, "I think it'll be great, Columbus we need stuff like this cause we be real dead beat out here, we sweating and it's time they should have been did it, they should have been putting it in Columbus." Said resident, Eboni Milsap.

The White Water Course could be here as soon as this time next year.

Uptown Columbus will work with Georgia Power to determine water flow and how often rafts go down the 3 mile course.

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