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Ranger Rendezvous: A chance to showcase "America's Best"

FORT BENNING, GA - More than a thousand Rangers from Fort Benning's 75th Ranger Regiment filled the skies at Fort Benning as they showed crowds of family and friends what it means to be a Ranger.

Ranger Rendezvous happens once every two years as a way to say good-bye to an outgoing commander and welcome a new one, but some Rangers and viewers alike say it is

 Chance for Ranger's to show a crowd of hundreds what they do.

"It kind of gives you a taste of what they do.  I know there's a lot more involved, they can't even touch upon."

Sue Wasilewski traveled all the way from Syracuse, New York to try to understand more about her son's job, and she is leaving with a pretty good idea now.

The Rangers conducted two core mission sets: demonstrating how they make a forced airborne entry and an assault on an enemy's compound.  A military working dog even got in on the action helping to take down an enemy getting away. 

Major Patrick Stone says the Ranger Rendezvous is an opportunity for Rangers of all kinds to come together.

"Young and the old from way back in Vietnam all the way through to today to come together and celebrate our organization," said Stone.

He also explains it is a way to learn about Veterans' experiences and to showcase how those soldiers still jumping out of planes are keeping the Ranger spirit alive.

Most of all, Stone says it is a time for parents, like Wasilewski, to see how important their child's work is to our country's safety and freedom.

"People sit there and applaud for their children watching them do their job for America," said Stone.

This is not the only thing the Rangers have planned for this week.  They have activities all week from shooting competitions to boxing and ending with a change of command ceremony on Thursday.

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