A Look Ahead at 6 & 11

Here's what we are working on for the news at 6 and 11!

The Georgia superintendent sits down with us, to talk about disappointing adequate yearly progress numbers at schools in our area and across the state. Then, tonight at 11, we go one-on-one with Muscogee County's Superintendent Susan Andrews, who's now defending herself.

Auburn football is back in the news. In light of the Cam Newton scandal, find out what the NCAA may do, if a parent shops their son to a college, but never takes any money.

A Columbus area that roared in the twenties is getting a much needed construction update. How could this impact you?

And it's an inspiring story about an 8-year-old Fort Benning girl who won Miss Georgia Pre-teen, but wait until you hear the hurdle's she has had to over come since she was born.

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