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Talbot County school board proposes property tax hike

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TALBOT COUNTY, GA (WTVM) - People who live in Talbot County are upset over a proposed increase in the millage rate. School board members say the hike in property taxes is needed to meet budget shortfalls for the upcoming school year.

Folks in Talbot County came to Thursday evening's public hearing demanding answers about how additional taxes would be spent especially in the wake of what they say is a history of money being misappropriated by the school board.

School board chairwoman, Joretha Ryle, says that concerns will be taken into consideration before any vote is cast.

"We are going to look into as being a school board and we will have a meeting on August the second, to discuss other areas that we may be able to cut," Ryles said. 

"There are other areas I believe that can be cut instead of juggling the millage I think that's the easy way out," Robby Armstrong said.

School board members say they have already made cuts in the budget and there is still a major shortfall. The board is proposing a 1.07 millage rate increase which would mean about $40 more a year on a $100,000 home.

There will be a final school board workshop on August 2nd to discuss what needs to happens so that the right funds are acquired before the school year starts. The possible tax hike will be put to vote on August 9th.    

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