How to Sell a Home Fast

By Laura Ann Sills - bioemail

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - They seem to be popping up everywhere, 'For Sale' signs in yards across Columbus.

With so many homes on the market, how do you get yours to stand out?

Columbus Home Stager, David Moreland with Advantage Home Staging and Management said, "A house is a living thing. It is like a person. If it is not fed and not nurtured, it dies. Remember curb appeal, an ugly mailbox can kill a house."

From what hangs on the wall to the smells hanging in the air, first impressions are the most important.

Moreland says once your home goes on the market, it is not yours anymore and the kid drawings on the refrigerator have to go away.

He also said remember that the military families coming in for BRAC do not want a fixer-upper. "They don't want to have to get carpet reinstalled, they don't want to have to worry about getting something painted," explained Moreland.

Numbers from The Columbus Board of Realtors show in five years the average time on the market has increased by two months.  In 2006, 106 days was the average.  So far this year the average is 170 days.

While they say Columbus has been spared in the national housing crisis, these numbers still are not good.

"You really want to sell your home, you have got to have a professional real estate person that has sold a million dollars worth of real estate and interview them just like you interview for a position," said Moreland

While marketing and the condition of your home are important, price is at the top of the list.

Moreland said, "I think a lot of people overpaid for their house and they are trying to get out on top of the water instead of under the water. Price yourself at least 15-20% under the market."

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