Alabama releases school AYP results for 2010-11

MONTGOMERY, AL (WTVM) - The government determines annually which schools in Alabama are making adequate yearly progress, or AYP. The results for 2010-11 are now in.

About 72 percent of Alabama's schools made AYP, which means those schools met every one of their stated goals. The numbers jump to 87 percent when looking at school systems that reached 90 percent of goals.

Still, some 49 school systems, including Russell and Barbour counties, did not make AYP.

While saying he wanted to recognize efforts put forth by students, teachers and school administrators with the "...ever increasing annual measurable objectives set for them under the No Child Left Behind accountability system," Deputy State Superintendent Dr. Tommy Bice said it was important to keep one thing in mind when looking at the data: "One test score does not represent the education of the whole child..."

State attendance rate goals were 95 percent, but AYP shows that goal was surpassed with 96 percent

The state saw AYP graduation rates improve from 87 to 88 percent from 2009 to 2010. The goal was 90 percent, but the state was able to meet an improvement target.

The 49 school systems that did not make AYP include 377 schools.

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