Fort Benning couple's battle with infertility

Fort Benning, GA (WXTX) – A Fort Benning couple is getting help from a cable channel to have a baby. For years they've tried to conceive a child and now they hope to use their story to inspire others.

"It's almost like you know you're supposed to be able to have children.  That's what you're made to do," said Teresa Jones.

She says ever since she was a little girl, she wanted to have children.

"I always thought that I would be a young mom.  I thought that I would be married young, and I would start a family young.  So, I could enjoy my husband later in life," said Teresa.

Teresa married her husband Staff Sergeant Jason Jones 4 years ago.  She and Jason decided to wait until he came home from a year long deployment in Iraq to start a family.  That was 2 years ago, and still, no baby.

"The biggest trouble for me is actually seeing how hard it is on Teresa," said Jason.

About a year ago, a doctor told Teresa she has unexplained infertility and Jason, a low sperm count.  They have been through rounds of different fertility drugs including Teresa giving herself shots in the stomach.

Now, as they are saving up for In Vitro Fertilization, they are also telling their story to thousands on TLC's A Conception Story.  It is a web series that is following 6 couples around the country as they try to beat infertility.

"It's kind of taboo.  Mainly because you just you really don't have a lot about it.  It's not something that's broadcast everywhere.  So, with us experiencing this, we figured hey, if we put it out there.  May be it will get other people to open up," said Jason.

Dr. Ifeyinwa Stitt with the Trinity Center for Women was the first to find the couple's problems and says the Jones arenot alone.

"Over a course of 12 months, only 80 to 90% will become pregnant.  So, that's 10%.  So, 10 couples out of 100 who are doing everything right and doing what everybody says comes naturally won't be able to get pregnant," said Stitt.

She says 50% of those problems are like Teresa's unexplained, but as a former infertility patient herself, she encourages patients to persevere.

"The biggest thing is don't give up hope.  Even if you have to take a little break.  Don't give up hope," said Stitt.

Teresa agrees.

"One way or another we will have children."

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