Several months ago I began an inquiry around the logistics of installing a swimming pool. Having a husband who has a God given talent for designing and building various things, we really felt our best and most economic avenue would be to purchase a kit and build the pool ourselves. I can't tell you how many days and hours we both spent researching all the avenues surrounding this investment. I even contacted our friends and neighbors who already had swimming pools to ask advice on what they liked, didn't like, wished they had done differently and recommendations as to who installed their pool. After narrowing down our decision to what we felt we wanted, I thought I would contact several pool companies for pricing to see how much of a difference it would be for them to do all the work verses us doing it ourselves. Let me tell you, I met with everyone from "Joe the used car salesman" to "Mike the righteous man". Each time I explained what we were looking at doing and asked for their opinions and ideas.

When I contacted Joey with Eiland Pools, he came out measured and spent a great deal of time talking about several detailed decisions we would need to make regardless of whether he installed a pool for us or we did it ourselves. One thing that really impressed me was that he never said anything negative towards his competition.

Over the course of several weeks I called Joey several times, sometimes four times a day, to discuss ideas and questions we had. Each time he was so helpful and took the time to tell me the pros and cons with what we were looking at. I even apologized to him for the amount of times I called and the number of questions I was asking. Several times he commented to me that he understood my concern and that this was a large investment of money and we needed to make sure we were getting what we wanted and that we knew we were making the right decision to move forward with purchasing a swimming pool. All the time Joey was doing this, spending his time answering my questions and quoting the ideas and designs we inquired about, he knew we were still debating and looking at doing this venture on our own or possibly with another pool company. Nonetheless, Joey worked with us figuring, redesigning and quoting our ideas until we found our dream pool and within a budget we could afford. Joey kept every commitment he made to us and went above board to make sure we were happy with our investment decision.

I have never been one to be easily impressed and I have always considered myself a "hard sell".

However, I have been so highly impressed with the quality and integrity of the work done by Eiland Pools that I would and will continue to recommend them to everyone interested in having their own private pool.

Thank you Eiland Pools and Joey for all your patience and understanding and for helping to make our backyard dream into a reality. You are the BEST!!!

Donna B
Cataula, Ga