Editorial: CRCT scores and parent's responsibility

EDITORIAL:  The words you just heard were spoken by Susan Andrews shortly after learning of the recent CRCT scores in Muscogee County Schools. She was talking about pointing fingers of blame for the poor test results in some of our schools.

Everyone on that list could probably be held accountable to some degree for some of the deficiencies.

One group she did not include on the list is parents. Some seem to think the school system is totally responsible for the education and raising of our children and that teachers should be held totally accountable for the growth of our children.

They do have some responsibility but what about parents. If your child attends one of the underperforming schools I would like to ask how many PTA meetings you have attended, how many nights have you helped your child with homework? Do you know when projects are due and do you get involved with your child in school activities? There are studies that indicate parental involvement has a direct bearing on the success our children have in school.

Our school system is not perfect, there are a lot of issues with No Child Left Behind standards, the list of those to blame does go on and on. The one thing every parent can control is how much effort you put into your child's education.

When each of you are blameless then you have the right to blast our school system and begin to hold them totally responsible.

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