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Illegal immigrants get passports for kids

ALBERTVILLE, AL - In less than a month, what is being called the toughest law against illegal immigration goes into effect in Alabama, and it is already boosting business at one department in the state.

Several towns in Alabama are seeing hundreds of illegal immigrants rushing to get passports for their children who were born in the United States.

Some Passport Office workers believe there is such a demand because illegal immigrants fear they will be deported and will not be able to take their American-born children back to their home country with them.  Some workers, like Cheryl Pierce, the circuit court clerk for Marshall County, are saying it is putting a toll on their staff.

"It's been an ordeal, there's been so many, they were lined up in the hallway and it was a very big responsibility for our girls because we are already short-handed and fixing to be even more short-handed."

For immigrants, here illegally, to get passports for their children, they must provide a birth certificate for the kids and a photo I'd For themselves.

The law that starts September 1st bars illegal immigrants from a list of things, including getting state or local benefits, enrolling at public colleges, and applying for  jobs.

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