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Is the sales tax free weekend worth it for Georgia shoppers?

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - New pencils, a new backpack, and of course, a brand new outfit to show off are all things for the first day of school and all things that cost parents money. 

Just in time, this Friday morning starts Alabama's tax free weekend.  However, is the drive across the river worth it for Georgian shoppers like Siara Brooks?

"Crayons, notebooks, pencils..." The Columbus mom named off just a few things on her kids' back to school lists and says those things, along with clothes and shoes, can add up. "Probably $500 right before school," said Brooks.

Brooks is not alone.  Other parents like Terry Jones and Sherry Colbert say back-to-school shopping is taking a toll on their wallets.

"Somewhere in the neighborhood of about say $275," said Jones.

"About $200," said Colbert.

Starting Friday morning, not in Georgia, but in Alabama the tax free holiday will be hitting stores for things like clothes, computers, schools supplies, and books.

Let's take a look at one of the high ticket items like a computer.  If you were to buy a $700 computer in Georgia with a 7% sales tax it would cost you about $750.  This weekend, in Alabama, that computer will not have any of that tax meaning you save about $50.

Now, what about things like that new outfit for the first day back at school?

A shirt that costs about $20 in the Peach State with sales tax comes out to about $21.40.  This weekend, in Auburn's Tiger Town shopping center, you will pay $20.

Brooks says especially now every penny counts.

"It's kind of hard because right now, I'm not working.  So my husband is the one who kind of has to save."

Saving is something people in Georgia and Alabama can agree on.

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