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How to get a human on the phone?

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COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - In a recent Consumer Reports survey of about a thousand people, the biggest gripe about customer service was the fact that people couldn't get a human on the phone.

Plus, nearly 70% said they'd hung up without getting their problem resolved.

Believe it or not, there are phone numbers out there on the web that could help with that very problem.

Websites like dialahuman and gethuman, list phone numbers and prompts for companies that supposedly get you directly to a human being.

We've told you about some before, but there are even more out there today.

We called Verizon Wireless with a regular customer service number, it took over a minute to get someone on the line.

Now, that's pretty good time in general, but we called using the same number, but with prompts from Get Human and in 25 seconds, a real person was on the other end.

It's not a perfect science though. We tried the same drill for, and although we got to the correct menu sooner, the total call time took longer using one of the websites.

Then, there's a site where you don't do the work at all.

At Lucy Phone, you enter a company name and your number, and Lucy connects the call for you, supposedly so you don't have to wait.

We tried it with Charter, and six seconds later Lucy called us back, and in about two minutes total, we were on the phone with a human.

Not bad for letting a technology talk for me.

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