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School bus drivers gearing up for another school year

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COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Starting Monday John Smith will shuttle about 40 kids from their homes, to school and back again. He says his main goal is getting them there safely. After all he is carrying precious cargo.  

"That's what I enjoy doing driving the bus every day, have somebody to talk to," Smith said.

To ensure the safety of the 15,000 students riding buses across Muscogee county assistant transportation director Frank Brown says they are making sure that bus drivers get properly trained.

"Each year we go through driving testing to make sure that the drivers enhance their skills driving," Brown said.

Brown told us today that drivers have to complete extensive training in the classroom and do twelve hours on the road, six of those without students and the other six with students.

"The hardest part about my job is trying to keep the elementary kids in their seats and stop them from talking so much," Smith said.

Wondering about security on the bus? All of them have security cameras. An extra set of eyes on your child.   

According to Brown, there are 301 buses total in Muscogee county. 276 of those are in service every school day and have air conditioning. 25 of the 301 buses don't have air conditioning, and are used as back up service.

If you would like to see Muscogee County's school bus routes, click here.

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