Editorial: Columbus Getting Crowded

EDITORIAL:  If you've tried to go out to dinner lately or even driven down Veteran's Parkway on a Friday afternoon you've probably noticed it, Columbus has gotten crowded.

Thanks to BRAC many of us have new neighbors.

Most of these men and women are stationed far away from parents and grandparents. Many of them were deployed to Iraq or Afghanistan or some other military base half way around the world.  They've missed Christmases, anniversaries, and even the births of their children.

They aren't paid enough and many of them put their lives on the line for their country.

Here's my call to you: welcome them to our community. If they are your neighbor take over cookies and introduce yourself.

One military family found out about a surprise deployment 3 days after moving to Columbus. The church they visited adopted the family and took them meals almost nightly.

Nearly 130,000 people either live or work on Fort Benning, let's make sure they all know how much they are appreciated.

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