"This company tried their hardest to keep my money in my pocket, he assisted me after hours when I first noticed that my AC was down. He also completed the service in the fastest way possible. Big thing too is he supports the troops."

"These folks are quick, efficient, do not try to talk you into extravagant options, and give a good price. The competition tries to convince you to spend huge sums for unnecessary equipment. American = no high pressure and straight talk. Amen!"
Michael M.

"American Heating and Cooling are very reliable and responsive. Mr. Gregg Russell and explained the problem and he and his technician's were taking a look at the problem within an hour. Excellent customer service and I recommend him to anyone seeking HVAC services."
City: Columbus, GA
Project: Central A/C - Service or Repair

"I'll find out about quality over time but so far it was outstanding."
City: Smiths, AL
Project: Central A/C - Service or Repair

"These guys did an excellent job ... highly recommend."