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Dow up 400 points, local economist say worst isn't over

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COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - While things were better today on Wall Street local economist say the worst isn't over.

"It's probably a time to be a little more conservative in their portfolios, just to wait and see what happens," Jauregui said.

Columbus State University economics professor Andres Jauregui says that a number of things contributed to Monday's Dow dip namely the S & P down grade of the U-S from triple a to AA+.

"That most likely had some psychological effects more than anything and that has created a little bit of a panic in the market."

Local companies like Aflac, Synovus, Total Systems, and Carmike all took a hit Monday but gained a bit of that value back today.

Jauregui says that now is the perfect time for those who aren't investing in the stock market to learn all they can.

"Start getting informed on how the market works, how stock market let up and fluctuate and all. Its just maybe not a good time to be investing in the stock market," Jauregui.

For those thinking about getting in while the risks are high and the prices are low Jauregui says you should have good nerves, otherwise stick to saving accounts and CD's, that way you know that a return is guaranteed.

"If you are trying to save up for buying the first house or you are trying to look ahead for the future after retirement and all that, probably a more conservative approach to your portfolios would be a good idea,"  Jauregui said.

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