Drug round up in Chambers County

CHAMBERS CO., AL (WTVM) - Multiple law enforcement agencies at the local, state and federal level joined forces to serve nearly 50 drug related warrants in Chambers County. Agents spent most of Thursday rounding up people suspected of using, selling and manufacturing drugs.

39-year old Robert Hattaway is facing additional charges after officers say they found drugs in his room while serving his arrest warrant.

Hattaway told News Leader 9 he did not have a problem with drugs, other than the fact he was getting arrested for them.

"We walked in and found what appears to be meth and a glass smoking device," said Chambers County Sheriff's Deputy, Sgt. Terry Wood.

Hattaway along with 39 others were arrested as agencies across Georgia and Alabama united together to 48 arrest warrants. Most of the warrants were for individuals who've bought more than the legal limit allowed by state law of psedoephedrine, the main ingrained in meth.

"The majority of the arrest came from those. You know with technology as son as they purchase those items we get a text message or an email letting us know they just purchased it," explained Task Force Commander, Mike Parrish.

Parrish says the pill purchasing logs kept by the pharmacies are like a maps to the drugs and the meth labs. Agents say during Thursday's roundup they located nearly two pounds of marijuana, cash, several items of drug paraphernalia and three meth labs.

In all 39 individuals were arrested with the help of eight agencies across West Georgia and East Alabama participated in Thursday's roundup.