Editorial: Muscogee County Siren System

EDITORIAL:  In Muscogee County, there is a siren that sounds when there is a tornado warning. There is also a second siren that sounds when there is a thunderstorm warning.

In addition to those two sirens, there are three more sirens that can sound in Muscogee County for different situations: one for "Hazardous Materials," one ominously called the "Attack Tone" and the last tone indicates an "All Clear."

The real question is: how is the general public supposed to know the difference?

Across the river in Russell County, sirens are sounded for tornado warnings. Over here there seems to be a different siren for every emergency.

Muscogee County spent more than 1.3 million dollars for the 47 sirens placed around the county.

That's great, but if no one knows what the different tones mean, they may not know what to do when something serious happens, such as a tornado. People who are used to sirens for thunderstorm warnings may not take the cover they need during a tornado if they think the siren was for a less serious situation.

Let's simplify the system and get everyone on the same page. So that when they hear a siren, they know they need to take shelter immediately.

We all know what happened to the boy that cried wolf, let's not let that scenario play out in Muscogee County when lives are on the line.

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