Editorial: Take Care of Your Kids

EDITORIAL:  When school started back Monday thousands of children started a new year of learning.

Some of those children walked into the classroom clasping mommy and daddy's hands. Others aren't lucky enough to have two parents in their life.

Recent numbers show 52 percent of babies born in Muscogee County are born out of wedlock.

We recently did a story where the Lee County Sheriff's Office arrested parents who owe more than $30,000 in back child support to their kids.

This is ridiculous, take care of your kids. They didn't ask to be born. Your decision brought them into this world.

If you are active in your child's life, packing lunches before school, taking them to the pediatrician and tucking them in at night we applaud you.

If you aren't, what are you thinking?

Your child depends on you not only for financial support but they need role models.

In our world of celebrity scandals, political philandering and moral decay children need role models.

Who better than their parents?

Step up and take care of your child.

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