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Church has yard sale to help parents with sick child

By Curtis McCloud -   bio | email

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - In April of 2010 the Tricoche's welcomed a new baby boy to their family but not long after that first glance he was taken away and placed in special care. All because of the seizures he was having every fifteen minutes.

"We didn't really know the severity of them because he was not being monitored at that time he would just go to sleep after every seizure," Kimberly Tricoche said.  

Liam was taken to a hospital in Atlanta and seen by a number of doctors. He was placed on several different medicines to stop the seizures, but those had some pretty rough side effects.  

"He has very poor muscle tones Liam can't sit up by himself and he can't walk and Liam can't talk, there are a lot of things a normal baby his age can do that he can't do," Tricoche said.  

Liam is now 15 months old and while he has fewer seizures the family has a big problem, huge medical bills. Upatoi Baptist Church is trying to help the Tricoche family by hosting a community yard sale Saturday.

"They are using that money to help pay Liam's medical expenses and just his medical needs that he has right now because they are just ever growing."

Despite everything Kimberly Tricoche and her family has gone through they are glad that Liam is doing better.

"Liam has seizures occasionally but not very often and that's a big improvement over every 15 minutes."

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