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Buying groceries could mean cheaper gas

There is a new program underway at local Winn Dixie stores called Fuel Perks, and the way it works is simple.  The more you spend on groceries, the more you save on gas.

For every $50 you spend in their stores, you get 5 cents off per gallon of gas at any Shell station in town.  Darcy Brinkley just signed up Friday.

"Who doesn't want to save money on gas?  So, I'm signing up."

For her $100 in groceries, she received 10 cents off at the pump.  That means for gas that normally costs her about $3.50 per gallon is now $3.40 per gallon.

Michael Carnley, the Store Director for a Columbus Winn Dixie, explains the program.

"You can actually go right after you buy groceries from the grocery store you can go to Shell and use it then, or you have one moth to accumulate it.  You can go to a Shell Station.  It will actually ask if you have a Winn Dixie Card, you set there and swipe you card," said Carnley.

Carnley the Store Director for this Columbus Winn Dixie says there is a 20 gallon limit.  He says you can also get 5 cents off for just buying certain items that are marked every week.

"You can just buy 2 bags of lettuce and get 10 cents off if you buy the items that are on sale, you can come in here and get those and get that automatically.  You don't have to have a $50 threshold."

Brinkley says she is grateful because she and her husband are always counting pennies.

"I think everybody is trying to use as many coupons you can and discounts."

Carnley says it is about bringing customers in the door, but it is also about showing them the stores understand money is tight.

Brinkley says she is driving away a happy customer with a full tank of gas.

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