Ladonia Elementary uses technology as teaching tools

By Roslyn Giles

Ladonia, Alabama (WXTX)- Ladonia Elementary School made Annual Yearly Progress (AYP) last year.  Principal Jason Hopper touts some of the success with technology oriented programs the school implemented last year. Technology like "Interwrite Mobi's" will be integrated in this year's curriculum as well.

The gadget allows teachers and students to write on a pad and see their work through a ceiling-mounted projector.  "I can click on the pen and write a message, 'start your morning' and I can click the green color and highlight a word," said Nikki Garland, a fifth grade teacher.

Garland can also capture images using a document camera, replacing the need for old clear transparency copies.  If it's a test, Student Response Clickers that mirror remote controls are used by the students to select their answers.

"I can access their answers right then and there. I know if they really got it.  The students can't just look at someone else and go, 'oh they said, A, so I'm going to say A'. They have to click it in, can't copy off anyone and I can automatically see who's got it and who doesn't," added Garland.

Hopper said this is a helpful tool for teachers and students. "The teacher can then adjust her instruction and determine whether she needs to talk about the assignment a little bit more," explained Hopper.

iPads and Android tablets have also been order for 3rd through 6th grades.  Those students can practice bubbling in answer sheets as they prepare for the state test.  Kindergartners through 6th graders will also have access to tablets.

Teachers are also learning new resources to use a teaching tools--tools that coincide with the ever changing world of technology.