Burglar bars causing issues during house fires

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) – An overnight house fire in Columbus turned fatal, killing a mother and two children. Fire officials said the burglar bars all around the home slowed the process of them getting inside the home on Decatur Street and possibly saving the family.

In Muscogee County, there is a fire code that says there cannot be anything on windows and doors on new homes. However, in old homes there is not a requirement like that.

On the home on Decatur Street, all the windows and doors except a picture window at the front had burglar bars. Fire officials said it slowed them down getting in to the home.

Willie Prescott, owner of Security Plus, builds and installs security bars.  He rode by the home Tuesday and believes the burglar bars weren't installed by a licensed professional.

Pres says, "It seems to me that there were a lot more involved in what they did to secure that property than was necessary and that is probably what hindered the fire department."

Columbus Fire Marshall Ricky Shores says it is possible that the family tried to get out of the house and couldn't, but the investigation in to what happened inside is still ongoing. He says everyone should have working smoke detectors in their home.

After making sure your smoke detector is working properly also you need to make sure you can make a quick exit from your home.  Your deadbolt should not require a key from the inside.

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