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Free energy audits could save you money

By Katherine Kington -  bioemail

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) -  Many people are dealing with high power bills, with Georgia Power you can get a free energy audit in your home to see where you can save money while also staying cool.

Heating and air makes up 52% of your power bill, so a key to lowering you power bill regulating your air conditioning unit. Experts suggest that you can keep it at 78 degrees. Every degree lower could add 3% to your bill.

Also in the energy audit, insulation in the attic is checked, roofs, air conditioning units outside and water heaters

"If it was me, I'd get a blanket to wrap around the water heater and it'll help keep the heat inside." said Mike Miles with Georgia Power

"I had never even heard of a water heater blanket before, " aaid Don Reckart, a Georgia Power customer.

Both Georgia and Alabama Power give free energy audits, Diverse Power charges a $50 fee. 

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