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Crime in Columbus neighborhood cause businesses to lose money

By Curtis McCloud -   bio | email

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Eddie Sampson has worked in Carver Heights for over thirty years. He owns a cafe, laundry mat, and corner store at the intersection of Fleming Avenue and Decatur Court.  He says the rash of violence in the area over the past few weeks is costing him money.

"Ever since this junk been going on it has been kind of slow it's down to rock bottom or what not," Sampson said.

For years his business thrived. He says looking back he's never seen things get so bad in this area.  Because of increased crime over the years other businesses have been forced to close out of fear. Mister Eddie says for now he's holding his ground.

"No I'm not afraid, there is no need to be afraid, you have to defend yourself  your property and defend anything that you got, you have got to defend it, there is no such thing as running," Sampson said.

Sampson says the shootings and increased drug activity has caused a divide in the community. He says every week there is a new threat or danger that keeps people like he and others who live in the community on edge.

"When I first came here people didn't have all this off the wall running around stuff with them, drugs and things they didn't have it, now everybody you see it seems like they are dodging or running from somebody," Sampson said.

Since the two murders and drive by shooting, Mister Eddie says his laundry mat and corner store hasn't seen nearly as many customers that they typically have throughout the week.

He cites fear as the main reason people are staying indoors.

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