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Tremors from quake felt in the Valley?

COLUMBUS, GA - While tremors from the quake are being reported up and down the East Coast, could we have seen some of that movement here in the Chattahoochee Valley?

You have seen images on the news of buildings on the East Coast rocked by Virginia's earthquake Tuesday afternoon.  However, some people here in the Valley, like Murphey Pound, say the quake was also a shaky reality for them.

"My chair just started shaking, and I thought it was my brother, but I turned around and it wasn't.  So, then, I went downstairs and I looked on the news and it turned out to be an earthquake."

Pound says he was on the 3rd floor of his Columbus home when he felt things move.

He is not alone. In Phenix City, Missy Hatchett and Kim Carter have the same kind of story.

"I felt a little motion in my chair, and I thought maybe I was just a little nauseous," said Hatchett.

Hatchett says she looked up from her laptop at work and her lamp was shaking convincing her she was not sick.

"I jumped up and said did you all feel that?"

Kim Carter works just down the hall and says she felt her chair trembling at the same time.

"I know that we felt something, and it was not a coincidence because I felt it in here, and then, she felt it in the next room," said Carter.

Local geologist Neal Garner has been teaching kids about earth sciences for 23 years.  While he cannot confirm that tremors were felt in the Columbus area, he says because our terrain is similar to Virginia's it is feasible.       

"It would depend on the depth, the focus of the earthquake and the intensity, of course, and it is certainly possible that it was felt in this area," said Garner.

Pound and the others are confident in what they felt. 

"You'd have to really feel it to believe it because there hasn't been an earthquake in Columbus for a long time."

Garner says there are fault lines in Harris County, but he encourages residents to not worry.  According to the geologist, those fault lines have remained dormant for years and should not have been activated by Virginia's quake.

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