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Grief counselors help students after classmate dies in bus accident

(Source:  The Hearn Family) (Source: The Hearn Family)
(Source: The Hearn Family) (Source: The Hearn Family)

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COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Remnants of Wednesday's tragic bus accident are still fresh on Highway 169 and in the minds of students at Russell County High School. Now they have to move forward after losing fellow Warrior Casey Hearn.

Russell County Principal Vantriese Davis remembers Casey and his love for cars.

"He used to love to work on cars he worked on mine several times. He had a great relationship with our auto tech teacher. (Casey) enjoyed not just the motor parts of the car, but  he enjoyed the audio and the tires. He was a guys guy he loved cars," Davis said.

Counselors from other schools in Russell County were at the High School this week to help students cope with losing one of their own. Russell County High Guidance Councilor Patty Hays says the day after has been more difficult for students now that reality has set in.

"It's been a difficult day, a lot of grief upset feelings and not really knowing what to think, " said Hays

"The kids have a sense of calmness about them, they are acting very mature they are asking the appropriate questions," said Davis.

Hays says the bus accident and death of a fellow student is a lot to handle during the second week of school. She suggests that parents do all they can to comfort their children.

"The most important thing you can do is be available. Just be an ear, a shoulder to cry or just be there for your student," suggest Hays.

Though the thought of moving on is unbearable right now, Davis says he encourages students to honor Casey and at the same time find closure for themselves.

"Casey would want them to enjoy their senior year as if he was here with us," said Davis.

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