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Military Matters: Fort Benning Yard Sale

FORT BENNING, GA (WTVM) - Jackie Teixeira and Derek Chambers are moving chairs for an upcoming event at Fort Benning, the post-wide yard sale, September 10th.

For years, it's been limited to those who live on post. But now a flea market has been added to give anyone and everyone a chance to move their merchandise.  

"We're actually expecting quite a few people to show up", says Stacy Harding, Assistant Director of Fort Benning's Youth and Fitness Programs.  "We have the capability to have 250 vendors out there, and we know that the post-wide yard sales are very popular, especially for incoming residents and the public as well."

The flea market is an organized event, which means you can't just show up with your kids' toys and old jewelry.  Amber Sage, with Fort Benning's Morale, Welfare and Recreation Directorate, explains further.

"Folks do have to be registered before they come out, but we are well on our way."

There is a charitable aspect to the event.. The registration fees will go toward improving youth sports on post. Harding says, "We're going to use that registration money to pay for field maintenance, officials. It can also go into replacing some of our equipment, as well as our uniforms."

Outdoor Recreation Specialist Brittany Beadle says the yard sale has always been a big draw, and she hopes the flea market adds to the success.

"There are a lot of people who are hardcore buyers and sellers at yard-sales, so I'm pretty excited to see how it goes. I think that people are going to come out here even if they're not selling items that come out of their house."

Who knows, you could find a bargain like Amber Sage did a few years back. "There's a mountain bike that I purchased for $10, and that has been the greatest bike that we have owned in my household."

The post-wide yard sale and flea market will take place from 8 a.m. until 2 p.m. September 10th at Blue Field. More information is available at

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