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Church finds $80,000 lottery ticket in collection plate

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COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Jerry's Mart convenient store is often referred to as The Lucky Store," Manager Junior Patel said.

The walls are plastered with winning tickets, the highest totaling $750,000 and soon another will be added.  One lucky person picked up a $3 Cash Word ticket and was fortunate enough to scratch off $80,000 what they did next was even more unbelievable.

The unknown winner placed the winning ticket in the collection plate at Cathedral of Prayer Church in Columbus, donating every penny of the cash earnings to the church.

"The money is going towards the church and we have to supply the food for the neighborhood, the clothing, everything costs and we give this stuff away free," says Alfonzo Riggins.

Riggins has been attending cathedral of prayer church for the past 15 years, He also handles security for the pastor and first lady of the church.

He says he has already received criticisms from people in the community about the church accepting the money.

"God said a blessing is a blessing you know, no one at the church played the lottery so it had to be an outsider that came in and did this," Riggins said.

News Leader 9 caught up with church members after Bible study.  They had no idea about the huge donation their church had gotten but agreed that it was in fact a gift from above.

"Everything comes from God, everything is a blessing however we received it, and it's a blessing I'm not telling anybody to go out and gamble but however God gave it to you then receives it as that," Riggins said.  "I haven't found out yet and I'm not going to ask that question unless it's given to me as a direct order to figure out where it came from."

For now this church's $80,000 blessing will for now remain a mystery.

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