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Scammers swindle veteran out of nearly $40,000

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) – A disabled veteran who spent his life fighting for his country lost his life savings in a scam.

A man and a woman, impersonating police officers, convinced him he had thousands in counterfeit money but instead got away with almost $40,000. 

They first confiscated $9,000 cash in his home then convinced him his savings account must be infiltrated with counterfeit money as well.    

"I showed him some of the bills I had. His partner handed him a piece of paper and he rubbed the back of it on the paper, it came green and said, ‘It's counterfeit'," recounted the victim.

They took the money and said they were going to go make an arrest.

He was told to meet them at the Public Safety Building but never saw them again.

Hopkins said he wants the two suspects to be found and arrested so they cannot inflict more pain to others.

The suspects are described as being a man and a woman. One of the suspects is a white male, around 5'9 in his 50's and weighing about 175 pounds. The second suspect is described as a black woman, slim build, about 5'10 and in her 30s.

If you have any tips on this case, please call police.

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