MILITARY MATTERS: Remembering 9/11

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - As we all prepare to observe the tenth anniversary of the worst day in American history, a celebration is being organized at the National Infantry Museum in Columbus.

"We are not celebrating the tragedy by any means", says Lauren Pastwik, the museum's Manager of Sales. "We are calling it Remembering 9/11: Celebrating the Resilience of Our Nation, and it's all about the community and how we all came together and united that day, and after, to help our neighbors and friends."

One of the main focuses of the National Infantry Museum's recognition of 9/11 is Rick Rescorla, a man featured in an IMAX film, and also on the Walk of Honor at the museum.

If the name doesn't sound familiar, his picture is on the cover of the book, "We Were Soldiers Once and Young." After leaving the military, Col. Rescorla took a job as head of security for Morgan Stanley financial services at the World Trade Center.

The History Channel produced a documentary about Rescorla, called "The Man Who Predicted 9/11."  The National Infantry Museum's Director of Digital Media, Jordan Beck, explains the title.

"He had a plan already in place for evacuating the twin towers, and while employees at Morgan Stanley thought it was pretty annoying, the constant drill & repeat, and the constant vigilance that he had instilled in them, Rick Rescorla is directly responsible for saving 3700 people on September 11th."

Sadly, he didn't survive.

The museum's IMAX theatre will host free screenings of the documentary throughout the day September 11th.

Beck is also working on a blog about 9/11, and asking folks to post their memories of that day. "The things we've heard are how people's perceptions differed. That's sort of the unifying thing, is how they saw the world differently at eight in the morning versus how they did at ten in the morning on that day in September."

You might say all of our lives took a hard right turn on that Tuesday morning, ten years ago.

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