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Are you ready for some...higher football ticket prices?

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - If you are heading out to cheer on your favorite high school team in Columbus you might notice ticket prices have jumped from last season.

Whether it is for the players on the field, the cheerleaders on the sidelines or the musicians in the band, crowds fill stadiums for high school football games in Columbus.

Fans like Latrice Long might be feeling a hit in their wallets this season.  Pre-sale tickets have increased from $5 in 2010 to $7. If you buy your tickets at the gate, the price is $10 compared to $7 in 2010.

"We have 10 games through the season.  That's a $100 for the season and $100 for both of us.  That's $200 that we really don't have, but we have to pay it to support out son," said Long.

Muscogee County School District Athletic Director Gary Gibson says with the hard hits from the economy, ticket prices just had to go up.  However, he says the money goes back to the students.

"[We will be] Replacing equipment not uniforms but shoulder pads and helmets now are very expensive.  The other pieces they use in all the sports are much more expensive than ever before," said Gibson.

He says the money earned from football also helps keep other sports programs like softball and track up and running.  Long and other parents like Antoine Rockmore and Kerri Brown say if their money can help others, they do not mind the cost..

"[If it] Helps the schools then it is worth it.  I pay the $10 because I want to support my son and support the team," said Long.

"As long as we know where the money's going, you know if it is going for extracurricular activities or for more sports events to be opened," said Rockmore.

"It is costly.  However, it is something that we all enjoy doing together.  Its clean you don't have to worry about language."

Gibson says a new plan is already in the works for next year for discounted tickets for children in 8th grade and under attending high school games.

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