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Witnesses share stories from bank robbery shooting

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COLUMBUS, GA (WXTX) - The Tuesday afternoon shooting following a bank robbery at MEA Federal Credit Union jarred one Columbus community.  Residents say they live in a quiet neighborhood and they never expected to see a crime scene right in front of their homes.

Many of them gave their official witness reports to police and afterwards they took the time to tell FOX 54 what they saw.

Just before noon Tuesday, residents on Briarwood Avenue and Gardenia Street were shaken from their daily routine by the sound of a car wreck followed by gunshots.

"We heard this loud bang, almost like a bomb went off. About half a second later we heard 10 to 12 gunshots," explained Nicholas Yancey.

The commotion prompted residents to come outside of their homes. Yancey said, "When I looked outside I saw an officer by himself, he had his gun pointed on the car, the car had wrecked, smoke everywhere. He had his gun on the car and was waiting for back-up. He waited about two to three minutes, the other officers got there and pulled him away and secured the scene."

Nicholas's father, Jody Yancey added, "I noticed it was a truck they were firing at. That's all I really saw, I saw the officer return three shots into the truck. I didn't see anything come back from the truck."

Jody Yancey says he also saw the two suspects, "One was in the car and one had been shot going down the hill there because they picked him up."

Shortly after police arrived, neighbors started exchanging stories so they could piece together exactly what happened.

Jody Yancey told FOX 54, "My neighbor made the comment that she heard the officer say ‘You shot at me first'."

And Nicholas said another neighbor told him, "He saw a young man lying in the street, they took him in an ambulance to the hospital."

Their statements were taken by police and will likely be used in the investigation.

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