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Uncle Bob's storage units ablaze Thursday

COLUMBUS, GA - Columbus firefighters are still investigating the source of a fire that destroyed 50 to 60 units at Uncle Bob's Self Storage on Miller Road in Columbus.

Many people who stood by, like Mitch Blocker, were seeing their lives burn before their eyes.

"It's a sinking feeling.  You know you have stuff and I'm kind of like a hoarder.  So, I have a few little antique chairs in there.  Just stuff you don't think about losing."

Blocker says he was going to move everything out of his unit Saturday.

Columbus Fire and EMS Deputy Chief Thomas Streeter said firefighters were first on scene around 2:30 Thursday afternoon.  They were still fighting the smoking building hours later.

"[We had] two pumps, a ladder, a squad, and a battalion chief, and an ambulance came out.  Once we came out, we thought that we could get inside but didn't know we had some more units on the inside.  That's what made it pretty difficult," said Streeter.

The Deputy Chief said about 50 firefighters were called to the scene, and they will be rotated throughout the night until the fire stops smoking.  He says they do not know if there is anything suspicious about the fire.

Felicity Rosemen has a unit that was not affected by the blaze, but she says she is moving her things out as soon as she can.

"Getting it out very soon.  I mean they are going to lose a lot of business after this which sucks for them and it's a shame, but you know I can't risk that," said Rosemen.

Now, Blocker can only hope there is something left of his unit.

"Some of it is you [can] price it, but then there's no real value you can put on things like the pictures of mom and my aunt, who has passed away," said Blocker.

A representative for Uncle Bob's Self Storage said as soon as they know which units are affected, they will contact the people who were renting them.

They said it is a requirement to either insure the unit through the company or have your own renters insurance.

There were no injuries reported but Streeter said the firemen were exhausted from such a long time in the heat.

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