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Witnesses reveal what happened during Tuesday morning shooting

By Taylor Barnhill  - bio | email 

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) -  We have new information about a bank robbery that ended with two men dead.  There are new questions about exactly what happened, and some question if one of the men killed was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

The Columbus Police Department is assisting the FBI in the investigation of the bank robbery, while the GBI looks into the police shooting. We may not be getting information from authorities, but News Leader Nine talked with neighbors who saw the entire incident unfold.

Nicholas Yancey says his Tuesday started with a bang. A loud noise outside his Gardenia Street home made him run outside. That's when he saw a shooting in progress, "He was standing here, the cop, and he had one hand on his gun like this and the other one on his radio and he was saying 'one down'. He would walk towards the car and then walk backwards, almost like he was scared to get too close. It took about two to three minutes for the other cops to get here. I never saw anyone but the police shooting."

At this point more neighbors had emerged from their homes to see what caused the truck to crash and to find out who was firing a gun.

Yancey told News Leader Nine, "The officer was constantly looking around and checking over his shoulder. It was almost like there was someone else with him because of the way he was looking around."            

That's when Yancey says he noticed the third man who was part of this crime scene, "A neighbor said there was a man lying down there. We looked and he was in this area."

It was the body of Tony Carr. He was lying just a few feet from his front door when the ambulance picked him up. The other shooting victim, Alraheim Tolbert, was just up the hill in Carr's truck.

"I feel bad for everyone, the families, the police officer. But I wish he would have just let them go and called for back-up instead of trying to be the hero. It's sad because there are two people dead, their moms and dads have to deal with losing someone, and he has to live with that for the rest of his life," added Nicholas Yancey.

Many theories are being thrown out as to what exactly happened, but we do know these facts: Alraheim Tolbert was the bank robbery suspect, he fled from the scene to Gardenia Drive, and it was Tony Carr's government issued truck that crashed. More details will be revealed as the investigation continues.

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