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Family claims alleged bank robber is innocent

By Curtis McCloud -   bio | email

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Michael Carr will remember his brother Tony as a mild-mannered easy going guy. He was killed on Tuesday after a bank robbery and officer-involved shooting.

Michael told us today, that he was on the phone with his brother around the time that the robbery happened. They were talking about his cell phone insurance plan.

"A few minutes after that I heard a voice I don't know if it was my brother's voice or another voice, I heard the word move," Carr said.  

Michael says he then heard loud music on the other end of the phone so he hung up. The next call he got was from his sister telling him their brother was dead. More confirmation came later.

"Midnight Texas time 1:00 PM this time I got a phone call from GBI saying my brother was dead 6'6, 270 they were like your brother is dead."

Columbus police and the GBI are still investigating the case trying to see if there was a connection between Tony Carr and the alleged bank robber Alrahiem Tolbert.  Michael Carr says his brother didn't have a lot of friends.

"My brother only knows females and firefighters and if you are not a female or a firefighter my brother didn't know you he keeps to himself," Carr said.

Michael says he and other members of the family believe his brother had nothing to do with the Bank Robbery and that Tony Carr died a senseless death.

"From what I understand the car was already disabled crashed into a pole and the guy still fired that ridiculous I don't know where this rookie was trained but that's ridiculous," Carr said.

He says, though he is angry and upset about the entire situation; he's holding it together because he knows it's what his brother Tony would have wanted.

"I could almost hear my brother say let it go, let go that's all he used to tell me."

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